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Beth Grivett Donovan, PA-C

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Beth Grivett Donovan, PA-C (1967- ), is not only a highly skilled PA, but is a prolific volunteer with a number of organizations, as well as the author of the self-published So You Want to Be a Physician Assistant: Your Guide to a New Career (2009). Throughout her career, she has worked with the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) as well as the California Academy of PAs (CAPA) to further the PA profession in her state.

Donovan was a pre-medical student at UCLA working at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and met a doctor who introduced her to a PA; this interaction led her to entering the PA program at the University of Southern California, and she graduated with honors in June of 1995. Donovan got involved with AAPA as a student after attending her first conference in San Antonio, TX. She served as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Student Academy of the American Academy of Physician Assistants from 1994—1995 and then as its President from 1995-1996.

Upon graduating, Donovan worked at Molina Medical Center in Orange County, CA, providing outpatient primary care services, focusing on well-child and well- woman exams. In October 1995, Donovan returned to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles as a PA providing inpatient physical medicine services to patients in a 28-bed acute pediatric rehabilitation unit within a tertiary care center. Over her career as a PA there has always been a strong focus in both pediatrics and Women’s Health. For over 15 years now, Beth has worked in family practice, most recently as a Lead PA with administrative duties, including development and implementation of innovative care delivery models.

In 2009 Donovan self-published a book laying out a road map of what it takes to become a physician assistant. The book, entitled So You Want to Be a Physician Assistant: Your Guide to a New Career, has sold over 2,000 copies. In her book, Donovan goes through an overview of medicine in America and the questions that must be considered before taking the leap into becoming a PA, from choosing a PA program to getting involved with the state and national physician assistant associations in order to take responsibility and help shape the profession to better serve the community. Donovan’s book is just one way she has taken that responsibility to heart. Not only was she involved with the AAPA as a student but served for over 10 years as the Legislative Affairs Coordinator for CAPA, where she enjoyed working with the lobbyist to further the PA profession in the state of California.

Acknowledgments: This biography was written by Anthony Stuckey, with the assistance of Beth Grivett Donovan, and was submitted to the Society in February 2013. The photographs are courtesy of Ms. Donovan.

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