First Class of Air Force PAs

The first class of the Air Force PA program began in July of 1971. Known as “Towner’s Boys” after then Air Force Surgeon General Lt. General Alfonzo Towner who had championed the creation of the program.

The names of the students in the photo, left to right, are as follows:

Top Row: Gene A. Cook, Jesse J. Broome, John P. Gallassie, James L. Shoemaker, Bernd U. Luhrs, Ferrell C. Farmer, Dallas Dixon.

Middle Row: Lawrence Russell, Adam Croumer, Okey L. Watson, Charles E. Warner Jr., Frank D. Kelly, Edward G. Lee, Frank A. Kett, James Mike Lee, Dean R. Stelton.

Bottom Row: Douglas N. Watson, John M. Williams, Robert S. Phillips, Kenneth Boose, Lt. General Alonzo A. Towner (then Surgeon General USAF), Heriberto A. Gonzales, Williard L. McGuire, William F. Keller, Larry F. Sherwood.