Friends of the Society

We would like to give a special thanks to our 2019 Friends of the Society, those who have donated $100 or more:

Arthrex, INC. (With thanks to George Rego)
Lisa Alexander
Jacqueline Barnett
James Brand & John Stuemky
John Byrnes
John Davis
E. Harvey Estes Jr.
Debi Gerbert
William Gill
Kenneth Ferrell
Marilyn Fitzgerald
Maha Lund
William Marquardt

Sheila Mauldin
Dawn Morton-Rias
Derick W. Rias
Alfred M. Sadler Jr.
Robert Smith
Howard Straker
Greg Thomas
Wendell Wharton Jr.
Stephen Wilson
Jennifer Zorn


The PA History Society is able to undertake the amazing projects that we do through the help of donations from our gracious patrons. Through these generous, tax-deductible gifts, we have been able to:

Create our educational resources for PA students, such as our Toolkits for PA programs and books

Update our website to be more dynamic and easy to use

Worked with the National Library of Medicine to produce the traveling banner and online exhibits, PAs: Collaboration and Care

The ability to continue to add to our wonderful Oral History Interview collection

Maintaining the archives, the ability to help researchers in PA history, and to continue to grow our collections

And of course, our marvelous PA Veterans Garden, located in Durham, NC!

To see more of the amazing projects that the Society has undertaken, please look at our Project Timeline!

Help us continue doing our important work by spreading the word of the rich history of PAs and the contributions to society that they make by becoming a Friend of the Society with a donation of $100 or more (tax-deductible)! Your name will be listed on the PA History Society Associates and Friends webpage and you will get a special shout out on our social media sites!

We now offer a beautiful certificate to those who become Friends of the Society!

To become a Friend of the Society, please click on the button below!