Photography collection

The Still Image Collection contains images created by the Society and by organizations, institutions and individuals who have gifted their collections to the Society to be maintained or added to the Society’s digital collection. Slides, photographs, negatives and other print images have been digitized using cameras or scanners. Most of the images are portraits and informal snapshots of individual professional leaders, but many show groups attending various meetings and events. Some images are scanned from magazine, newsletter and newspaper clippings.

Please contact us about photographs or other images that you own and would like to donate to our collection and let us know should you have additional information about any of the images displayed on this website, such as date, names of people in photograph, photographer, contributor, etc.

NOTE: Some items in our collection may be copyright protected. Please review our Terms of Use.

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A representative selection of holdings from this collection can be viewed by browsing the collections highlighted below.

Signing of graduation certificates for first three PAs

APAOG Still Image Collection

Photographs of the Association of PAs in OBGYN from their creation in 1992 to the 2010s.

American Academy of PAs Photography Collection

The AAPA Photography Collection is the largest collection of photographs in our archives. The photographs range from the second conference of the AAPA, 1974, to the early 2000s. There are candid photos from conferences and the various AAPA caucuses and special interests groups, professional photos for publicity and awards shows, and many photos showcasing the many areas and jobs that PAs do.

Reginald Carter Still Image Collection

Reginald Carter, PhD, PA, has been contributing to the advancement of the PA profession since its infancy. After many years of involvement with various PA organizations, such as the Association of Physician Assistant Programs.




The Mittman Collection has photographs from the early years of David Mittman's career on Travis Air Force Base along with photographs from the March on Trenton, NJ in 1989

Robin Hunter-Buskey


From the personal photographic collection of Hunter-Buskey. Photographs include footage of AAPA conferences, African Heritage and Veterans Caucus activities, and campus involvement.




Barton F. Haynes, MD. was an associate of Dr. Eugene A. Stead, Jr. for over 20 years. The collection contains many photos of Dr. Stead.


SP5 Ray Reed was Operations Sergeant in the Physician's [sic] Assistant Branch at the US Army Medical Field Service School. His donated photos showcase the first Army PA class and himself in the early 1970s.