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History is the Essence of Innumerable Biographies

The following biographies highlight the men and women who over time have contributed to the establishment, growth and development of the physician assistant profession. These are individuals whose contributions have helped shape the way physician assistants are educated, utilized, organized, evaluated, promoted and integrated into the American Health Care System and throughout the world.

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Biography Highlights

Todd Pickard

Julie Theriault

Grace Landel

Josef Burwell

Biography Collection

Who Can Apply?

To appear in this biographical section, a nominee must have made a contribution to the physician assistant profession judged to be significant in a way that is unique, pioneering or exemplary. The nature of those contributions may include, but need not be limited to, the following:

Please submit the following documentation to the PAHx for consideration: a CV or resume, or a completed Biographical Sketch Form. Please Contact us us should you have an individual who you believe should be recognized by the Society.

If you would like to write a biography yourself, please consult our guidelines.

Please note that each biography will need to be accompanied with a copy of the permission form signed by the biography’s subject.