Our Associates

We extend special recognition to the following PA programs that are Associates of the PA History Society for the 2017-2018 program years. Their participation allows us to continue our preservation of PA history, as well as to make the historical materials easily accessible through the development of our website.

Starting this year, the PA History Society has developed levels of giving that each PA program can choose from: Founder – $1000, Historian – $500, and Scribe – $250. The level the program gave is displayed next to their name. The programs were also given a digital seal, each unique to their level of giving, to be displayed on their website.

Follow any link below for more information on that PA program.

To view photos of our Associates’ first graduating classes, click here.

2018 - 2019 Program Associates

Friends of the PA History Society

The PAHx appreciates the support from the following individuals who have contributed $100 or more as a Friend of the Society. Thank you!

  • California Academy of Physician Assistants
  • Nedley Archellus
  • Ruth Ballweg
  • Reginald & Sherry Carter
  • Harvey and Jean Estes
  • Carl Fasser
  • Marilyn & Mike Fitzgerald
  • Dan Fox
  • Deborah Gerbert
  • J. Jeffrey Heinrich
  • Patrick Killean
  • Bill Kohlhepp
  • Cynthia Lord
  • Maha Lund
  • Dawn Morton-Rias
  • Orie Robert Potter
  • Maryann Ramos
  • Derick Rias
  • Alfred Sadler Jr.
  • Zeno St. Cyr II
  • Kimberly Sapre
  • John Stuemky & James Brand
  • Tamara Thorn
  • Wendell S. Wharton
  • Kwesi Williams
  • Steve Wilson