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Our Associates

Special Recognition to our PAHx Associates

We extend special recognition to the following PA programs and organizations that are Associates of the PA History Society for the 2023-2024 program years. Their participation allows us to continue our preservation of PA history, as well as to make the historical materials easily accessible through the development of our website.

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The PA History Society has developed levels of giving that each PA program can choose from: Founder – $1000, Historian – $500, and Scribe – $250.

For PA organizations, we have a sliding scale based on the organization’s membership. Less than 99 members is a yearly fee of $75, 100-249 is $150, and 250 and more is $250.

The level of giving is displayed next to their institution or organization name. Each Associate also received a digital seal, each unique to their level of giving, to be displayed on their website.

Follow any link below for more information on that specific PA program or constituent organization