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Oral Histories

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The Oral History Collection contains audiotapes, videos and DVDs with corresponding transcripts produced either by the Society or by others and then gifted to the Society. Holdings from this collection have been digitized and placed in the Society’s digital archival collection using PastPerfect™ software.

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While there is no substitute for original correspondence and other primary source materials, interviews help us understand better the context in which decisions were made, offer fresh insights, and suggest directions for further research. The Society continues to identify, collect, catalog and preserve existing audio and video oral histories and is conducting additional interviews with key individuals to fill in gaps of missing information.

Featured Oral Histories

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Peggy Valentine

Peggy Valentine, PA, RN, EdD, shares how she was drawn to healthcare and to becoming a PA, her work with HIV/AIDS healthcare, how she co-founded Project Access, and her advice to PA students and young PAs.
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Nicole Burwell

Nicole Burwell, PhD, PA-C, DFAAPA, is President Elect of the Physician Assistant Education Association (PAEA). In her interview she shares how she became a PA and a PA educator, the importance of being involved in the profession, her work in DEI initiatives and her plans for her presidency.
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Earl Echard

Earl Echard, PA-C, talks about what drew him to medicine, being drafted into the Army, being wounded three times in Vietnam, and his work as a PA in the North Carolina State Prison System.
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Steven Turnipseed

Steven Turnipseed, MPH, PA-C, talks about his military service, his work as a medical aid in the federal prison system, how he joined the first class of MEDEX Northwest and why he's glad to be a PA.

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