Our Mission, Vision & Values

PAHx Mission

To share the history of the development of the PA profession and illustrate how PAs continue to make a difference in our society.

PAHx Vision

The Physician Assistant History Society brings PA history to life by inspiring the next generation of PAs, patients and policymakers.

PAHx Values

Recognition and Understanding: PAHx promotes recognition and understanding of the physician assistant profession by documenting the efforts of those who have contributed to its development, evolution and promotion.

Dedication: PAHx is dedicated to faithfully and comprehensively assembling the collective history of the profession.

Credibility: PAHx is recognized by PAs and the health care community as the primary repository of the history of the physician assistant profession.

Engagement: PAHx strives to involve the public, PAs and PA programs to participate in the collection, preservation and sharing of PA history.

To listen to Dr. Reginald Carter and Dr. J. Jeffrey Heinrich discuss the founding of the PA History Society, please click here.

PAHx collects oral histories from PAs at all stages of their career. Right: Reginald Carter, Jeff Heinrich, and Suzanne Greenberg interviewing left: Thomas Piemme and Don Fisher, 2002


The PAHx archives is the largest collection of PA historical materials in the world!


The PA History Society partnered with the National Library of Medicine to produce a banner and online exhibit featuring the PA profession.
Our Mission, Vision & Values