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Test your Knowledge

How good is your knowledge of PA history? Test yourself in this quiz!

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Who was a pioneer in distance education who spearheaded and established one of the first satellite PA programs in the USA located in Rio Grande Valley, Texas in 1994?

After graduation from a US PA Program in 1987, Krishna Gurung immediately returned to his native country of Nepal where he spent the next 30 years working with impoverished children with disabilities. Which US PA Program did he graduate from?

Which professional organization was established in 1990 to promote the provision of quality care services by physician assistants through a structured approach to life-long learning which focuses on individual practice characteristics and learning styles?

Which was the last remaining U.S. Jurisdiction to Authorize PA Practice in 2019?

What is the inscription written above a portrait of Dr. Richard Smith on the front of a bronze medal produced by the MEDEX Northwest PA program and given to “MEDEX champions” for their contributions to the PA profession?