Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher appreciation week is coming up May 8th through the 12th. The PA profession would not have gotten so far with out the amazing and passionate educational leaders who have mentored and inspired generations of PAs. Make sure to reach out to your former or current PA educators and share with them how much they meant in your career development!

Below are some essays that might be of interest to you on the development of PA education:

Dress Code for PAs – Have you ever wondered where the idea for PA program patches came from? Did you know that the PA “uniform” was almost a blue jacket instead of the short, white coat we have today?

The First PA Student Medical Challenge Bowl – In 1990, three PA educators came together to discuss how they might entice more students to attend the AAPA’s annual conference.

The VA’s Role in Helping to Establish Three Legacy PA Programs – This essay looks at the role the Veterans Administration’s support and funding helped with the establishment of the Duke, Oklahoma and Baylor PA programs and the spread and acceptance of the PA profession.

Once We were Many, Now We are One: The Life Paths of the PAs from the Stony Brook Class of 1975 – The history of the founding of Stony Brook’s PA program and recollections from the first class.

Remembering Philippi, West Virginia, Alderson-Broaddus College, and Dr. Hu Myers – A shared memoir by Bill Stanhope and Glen Combs on their experiences in the early years of the Alderson-Broaddus College’s PA program.